Some talk safety... We live it!

We embrace safe work practices and programs because employees are our most important asset. Providing the best tools, PPE, training, and safety monitoring keeps us working efficiently and ensures our staff will be able enjoy those hard-earned paychecks and a long, prosperous career in the electrical trade. Our low EMR rates and safety record speak for themselves, but it isn't luck. We practice what we preach. 

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Safety Audits

Our independent safety consultants perform weekly, on-site safety audits to ensure our employees are following OSHA protocol, using PPE correctly, and maintaining clean work areas. We communicate with the general contractors to provide feedback and opportunities to improve safety so the entire construction team benefits. The safety consultants communicate with crews and review difficult tasks to determine best practices, PPE, engineering controls and provide training.

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OSHA Partnership

Lea Electric was the first electrical contractor recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor for OSHA's Partners in Safety Program. We maintain this relationship today and participate in annual OSHA program review and site audits. This partner-ship reinforces our commitment to safety and maintaining trust and open communication with compliance officers. We work together with OSHA to create a safer environment for our employees and construction partners.

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Safety is job #1

Our personnel are the first line of defense and every employee is armed with the power to stop work to review hazards and controls. We believe the best "safety person" on any job is the one performing the work that has first-hand knowledge of the hazards and conditions. We empower and engage our crews through hazard analyses, tool-box talks, and on-site training. Keeping our employees safe is our first priority. We embrace that responsibility on behalf of our employees and work partners.

In 2016 our independent safety consultants conducted 178 construction safety audits at our sites, and provided over 100 hours of on-the-job, task-specific training to our crews.