I always cross my fingers and hope Lea wins the bid - Makes my life so much easier!
— Current Client

About Us

Since 1984 Lea Electric LLC has been providing the highest level of service to clients throughout the intermountain West. In that time we've become one of Idaho's largest and most respected electrical contractors. If you can dream it, we can power it!

As a Union Contractor, our partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers IBEW & National Electrical Contractor's Association NECA ensures that we can staff virtually any project with a workforce of highly skilled & trained electricians. 

Can do! It's a saying our owner, Dave Lamarque, coined years ago, and it's something we believe in. There's no challenge too complex or project too big. We're willing to step up & tackle the unknown when others shy away. Rest assured, we have what it takes to succeed. Strong financial backing, high bonding capacity, excellent insurance coverage and the most reliable team in the business - that's why you ask for Lea Electric.

  • Hospitals and Medical facilities
  • Hotels, Motels & Resorts
  • Multi-Unit Housing, Apartments, Condos, & Dorms
  • Educational Facilities
    • High Schools
    • Secondary Schools
    • Elementary Schools
    • Collegiate Campus buildings
    • Sporting Venues
  • Airport facilities, Hangars, Towers, Terminal & Runway
  • Food & Beverage Production & Packaging 
    • Cheese Production
    • Yogurt Production
    • Dairy
    • Frozen Vegetable
    • Meat Packing
    • Soft-Drink and Beer production & packaging
  • Retail and Grocery stores, Restaurants & cafeterias
  • Office high & low-rise structures
  • Data Centers 
  • Clean Room environments
  • Parking Facilities
    • Underground Parking
    • Above Grade Parking structures, precast, pour in-place, & post tension decks.
  • Military and Government projects
    • Nuclear facilities
    • Military installations - USAF, Army Nat'l Guard
    • Hydroelectric power plants - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Heavy Industrial
    • Materials and Chemical production
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Energy Recovery projects
    • Waste handling
  • Alternative Energy
    • Solar Arrays
    • Wind turbines
    • Biogas Digesters
  • Generator & UPS power for emergency backup 
  • Laboratories
  • Hi-tech manufacturing
  • Lighting Control Systems - Lutron, DMX and more