When the outcome is greater than the sum of the parts, it's a win for all parties. That's our approach to design-build projects. We start by making sure you get exactly what you want. Then we find ways to improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability and longevity, reduce up front & maintenance costs while adding utility & features, and during the process we optimize constructability for a seamless installation. That's how we make sure to deliver MORE than you asked for.  Maybe we should just call them Win-Win projects...

Control Panel design

Lea Electric's controls experts can design UL 508a certified automation & control systems specific to customer needs. The UL certification ensures that custom panels are built to meet rigorous safety standards that govern electrical devices. Custom panels can save space and money over off-the shelf parts and can be used for PLC's, relays, VFD controls, process controls, pneumatics, instruments, and a host of other functions.


BIM coordination

3D building information modeling (BIM) is a tremendous tool for visualization of complex installations. Lea has embraced the technology and modeled installations on several large projects. More and more owners are utilizing BIM to improve installation efficiency and minimize field coordination issues. BIM can save time & yields cleaner installations with fewer unnecessary compromises and costly changes. 

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VE & Constructability

In the end it always comes down to budgets and we're here to help. We can review specs and hunt down those hidden dollars so you can keep the aesthetics and architectural features that convey quality, attract customers, and improve the workplace. We can also review the design drawings for installation problems and omissions so they can be addressed before they cause construction delays, and headaches down the road.

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